Boundless Florida Virtual Reality

UI/UX / Mobile App Design

Boundless Florida VR

Florida The Future Is Here

To expand and diversify the state’s economy through job creation

  • Creative Director: Shane Santiago
  • Developers: Mitch Cichocki, Julian Bravard

Enterprise Florida, the state's public-private partnership for statewide economic development wanted to reposition the State as the top-tier place for business relocation and expansion. They believed for a business to reach its potential, it had to think beyond the limits. What better way to illustrate this aspiration than to literally allow viewers to reach for the stars? We helped to concept, design, and build a mobile application for virtual reality.

In order to embody the brand, we had to think innovatively on how we market Florida. By leveraging cutting-edge VR technologies in providing inaccessible Florida pillar experiences (innovation, markets, potential, freedom) to our target audience (C-Suite business decision-makers, general counsel, and HR directors) to directly communicate the future is in Florida, we allow them to experience their future first-hand without leaving their home.

Presenting the VR hub for the Boundless campaign's 360 content in an engaging way encourages users to shift their perceptions of doing business in Florida. The VR/360 mobile experience tapped into the viewer's innate need to discover and explore by highlighting the ULA rocket launch process. C-level decision makers, site selectors, and consultants would feel as if the launch was at their fingertips.

Google Cardboard

The app would visually tie to each pillar in terms of imagery, color, typography, etc. This would set up the opportunity to experience aspects of Florida no one has experienced before, and imagine what you could do with your business when you move to a state where the possibilities for growth are limitless.Desktop/Mobile web app with a simple list of videos and custom web VR video player would showcase a list of videos on a landing page. A custom 360 video player using A-frame for VR-mode was built and tested to support iOS 10 and Android 6 & 7 (Marshmallow and Nougat).

The landing page would be the home base scaling the virtual reality content using the pre-existing branding of Florida The Future Is Here. It was vital to keep a low bounce rate on the site and keep the user engaged with links to related content, and the "Contact Us" CTA journey. The initial experience featured the ULA launch, and would follow with additional content as the 360 video library grows.

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