Creative Direction



Vector / Icons / Animations / Mixed-Media

  • Client: Various
  • Role: Creative Direction

Working on illustrations is a great outlet for creativity, staying sharp, and exploring new mediums. The hands-on process encourages free thinking without limitations. Some of the illustrations are passion projects, and others are customized vector illustrations for events, businesses, and keynotes.

The hero image above was created for a charitable event. Using wooden blocks to create a puzzle, each surface of the block illustrated a woodland creature.

A variety of passion projects stemmed from my love for continued learning. Low-poly illustrations pushed me to technical precision by connecting geometric shapes and color combinations to create a multi-dimensional image. Adding a touch of animation provides personality to each piece. Other processes include woodburning, painting, and motion graphics.

David Bowie animation
vw bus illustration
explore pack
turkey illustration
prince animation
motorcycle illustration
workday icons
workday icons
keynote illustrations
keynote illustrations
kale munny

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